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What is entertainment?
a) Performing arts, such as theater, ballet, and symphony concerts
b) Whatever people are willing to spend their time and money watching
c) Professional sports, such as major league baseball
d) All of these

Which of the below are technological advances that have helped marketing and advertising become a multibillion-dollar industry?
a) Internet, television, radio
b) Internet, billboards, bus advertising
c) Radio, newspapers, magazines
d) billboards, radio and magazines

The pricing of time for TV advertisements is tied to the number of viewers, or _____, during the programming
a) gross impressions
b) ratings
c) scores
d) demographics

People who like to participate in certain sports also like to do what kinds of things?
a) Watch professional play of those same sports on television.
b) Go see that sport played live and in-person.
c) Buy sports equipment that will improve their game.
d) all of these

Niche travel designs vacations for all of the following EXCEPT
a) snow skiers
b) families with small children
c) business travelers
d) music enthusiasts

What kinds of things are NOT important to success in niche travel?
a) Planning the right tour.
b) Promoting and distributing it to the right customers.
c) Pricing it to attract them.
d) Breaking even or operating at a loss to have high sales

What is the governing body of most college and university athletic programs?
d) NBA

Psychographics focuses on what kind of information?

The term for dividing markets into physical locations, such as eastern, northern, southern, and western regions of the US is _______ segmentation.
a) geographic
b) psychographic
c) demographic
d) conference

What term means the value people believe they receive from the products or services?
a) benefits derived
b) market segment
c) product usage
d) product comparison

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