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-T/F: A probability a branch of mathematics that deals with calculating the likelihood an event will occur and is usually expressed as a number between 1 and 0.
a) True
b) False

Is randomness a
a) part of a probability
b) art of the daily life.
c) Part of the scivis curriculum.

T/F: Non-Electronically games do not contain probability
a) true
b) false

Board games use ______ to add a level of randomness to the game.
a) a. Dice
b) b. Spinners
c) c. sandtimers
d) d. all of the above

In most board games, how often are payouts and huge dangers suppose to occur?
a) a. Often
b) b. Frequently
c) a. Sometimes
d) d. Never

Type of probability games contain
a) a. Dice
b) b. Rotisseries
c) c. Number of materials
d) d. None of the above

How far back does playing dice goes?
a) a. Thousands of years
b) b. Yesterday
c) c. Centuries
d) d. A minute ago

T/F: dice were made from bone, metal, or pottery.
a) T
b) F

T/F: In ancient times, the outcome of a dice throw was considered lucky.
a) T
b) F

What is the common die?
a) a. Cubic die
b) b. Pyramid die
c) c. Octahadron die
d) d. Tetrahedron

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