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Sports marketing professionals collect ________ data to determine a ___________ that will be used to do things like help create promotions, determine pricing, etc.
a) Demographic…target market
b) Informational...promotional strategy
c) Psychoanalytical…price
d) Pricing…sales pitch

The data that is collected, such as age, marital status, gender, educational level, and income, is called ___.
a) target market
b) demographics
c) promotion
d) marketing mix

A specific group of people you want to buy your product is called _____.
a) target market
b) demographics
c) promotion
d) marketing mix

The number of times per advertisement, game, or show that a product or service is associated with an athlete, team or entertainer is called _____.
a) endorsement
b) royalty
c) gross impressions
d) target market

A percentage of sales earned by a team each time merchandise bearing their logos is sold is called _____.
a) endorsement
b) royalty
c) target market
d) price

What is the primary source of revenue for sports teams and venues?
a) Endorsements for professional athletes
b) Concession sales at venues
c) Naming rights deals for venues
d) Ticket sales from fans

How does a sports organization know HOW to attract fans to their venue?
a) Sports marketing
b) A college degree in sports management
c) Being a professional athlete
d) Asking other team owners

Which of the following is NOT a way sports organizations know WHO to attract to their venue?
a) They conduct phone surveys of previous ticket holders.
b) They place an ad in a magazine that they think will attract fans to the venue.
c) They hand out questionnaires at a game asking for the age and gender of fans.
d) They ask questions to ticket buyers as to how they heard about the discount they requested.

If lots of people are out of work or their hours have been cut back at work, they have less total income and thus less _____, which is used to buy event tickets.
a) gross revenue
b) fixed income
c) disposable income
d) net revenue

Which of the following is not a marketing strategy used in sports marketing?
a) NFL expands its product line to include Arena Football
b) Gross Impression data collected
c) Firing a coach for NCAA rules violations
d) Timing of a promotion to coincide with winning a national championship

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