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Of the following, which is MOST important when arriving for a scheduled job interview?
a) A. Being aware of the salary structure for employees
b) B. Bringing a small token of your appreciation for the interviewer’s time
c) C. Knowing the name and position of the interviewer
d) D. Providing numerous references

To make a good first impression in an interview, which of the following is important?
a) A. Be sure to wear perfume or cologne
b) B. Give a complete employment history.
c) C. Give quick, sure answers to all questions.
d) D. Present a positive attitude and neat appearance.

Which of the following will give a good impression during an interview?
a) A. Discussing the leadership styles of previous employers
b) B. Discussing what competitors are doing
c) C. Explaining your qualifications and abilities
d) D. Identifying areas in which the company can improve

Which of the following has no place in a written job application?
a) A. Attention to spelling and grammar
b) B. Complete and accurate responses
c) C. Criticism of previous employers
d) D. Neat penmanship

Which of the following should you do at the conclusion of the interview?
a) A. Compliment the interviewer on his or her office
b) B. Start a casual conversation on your way out the door
c) C. Tell the interviewer you really, really need the job
d) D. Thank the interviewer for their time and professional consideration

Which is a written document referencing your work experiences?
a) Criminal Background check
b) Personal Profile
c) Personality Summary
d) Resume

What is the name for a purposeful collection of your work that highlights your abilities?
a) Journal
b) Portfolio
c) Reference Letter
d) Resume

Which showcases your work through electronic media using sound, motion and graphics is known as a:
a) Digital Media Portfolio
b) Journal
c) Reference Letter
d) Resume

Portfolios are typically created for what purpose?
a) Applying for college or employment
b) Creating a video
c) Podcasting
d) Storyboarding

Which best describes a developmental portfolio?
a) A. An organized record of works you have completed
b) B. A collection of resources that influenced you
c) C. A collection of your best and most impressive works
d) D. Works chosen for a job search or other specific objective

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