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What are capital goods?
a) factories and machines used to make the goods
b) workers who make the goods and perform services
c) money spent to train workers to use new technology
d) goods and services that are produced for a country's economy

India must invest in capital goods to help overcome which problems?
a) lack of a strong middle class
b) overpopulation and poverty
c) GDP that has not grown
d) expense of maintaining a large military

Which is an example of a natural resource?
a) irrigation canal
b) factory
c) deposit of coal
d) hydroelectric dam

Which is an entrepreneur?
a) Someone who is always successful in whatever he or she attempts
b) someone who is willing to take a risk to begin a new business
c) a businessman who is able to guarantee investors will make a profit if they support the project
d) a businessman who relies on money from the government to finance a new business

Investment in capital goods has helped China do well in which world markets?
a) fashion design
b) consumer goods
c) educational software
d) communication services

What has been the role of entrepreneurship in India?
a) Indian entrepreneurs have been successful in agriculture but not in industry.
b) The only successful entrepreneurs have been foreigners who have moved to India.
c) The country has all sorts of entrepreneurs, both wealthy and those with modest incomes.
d) The Indian government has discouraged entrepreneurs because business is too risky.

On the economic continuum, entrepreneurs are more common in nations that fall where?
a) Countries that are closer to the market side of the continuum
b) Countries that are closer to the command side of the continuum
c) Countries that are close to the center of the continuum
d) It doesn't matter where the countries fall on the continuum

What happens, in terms of GDP, to countries that invest in capital goods?
a) There is no change in the GDP.
b) The GDP increases.
c) The GDP decreases.
d) The GDP will both increase and decreased, based on the time of year.

What happens, in terms of GDP, to countries that do not invest in human capital?
a) Improperly trained workers help the country's GDP increase.
b) Improperly trained workers do not help the country's GDP decrease.
c) Improperly trained workers do not help the country's GDP increase.
d) Improperly trained workers help the country's GDP decrease.

What is one of the most important ways Japan has invested in human capital?
a) tax breaks for workers
b) unemployment insurance
c) early retirement programs
d) education

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