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Define utter
a) To express out loud
b) An unpleasant sound
c) Leave unprotected
d) an unpleasant odor

Define draft
a) A rough copy of something written
b) Process of blending words
c) To betray your country
d) To move in the oppsite direction

Define rights
a) A precious metal
b) A relationship
c) A just, moral or lawful claim
d) A discussion between two groups

Define declaration
a) A soft, quiet musical song
b) A written statement that makes something known
c) A long hard object
d) A short book

Define bombarded
a) A written statement that makes something known
b) An example of how to do something
c) A short story
d) To attack with bombs or heavy fire from big guns

Define retreat
a) To move backward
b) To talk loudly
c) Something put together or created
d) To leave open without protection

Define debate
a) To create
b) A law or rule
c) A discussion between two opposing groups
d) To overcome an obstacle

Define exposing
a) Leaving open or unprotected
b) The method used to produce a book
c) The process of determining the root word
d) Betraying your country

Define composition
a) A method for composing music
b) A tasty pastry
c) Something put together or created, usually writing
d) A harsh or sharp statement

Define treason
a) Leaving open or without protection
b) A long difficult task
c) Being extremely happy
d) Helping your country\'s enemies

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