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What is the main industry in Japan?
a) high-quality automobiles
b) televisions
c) fishing
d) cameras

What does North Korea spend most of their national money on?
a) military
b) intranet
c) cell phone service
d) food

North Korea is a major producer of what natural resource?
a) steel
b) iron
c) fish
d) coal

The economy of China can best be described as...?
a) mixed
b) autocratic
c) command
d) free market

The economy of India can best be described as ...?
a) mixed
b) command
c) traditional
d) communist

One of the most successful parts of India's economy today is
a) production of military weapons
b) textile and machine manufacturing
c) automobile and truck manufacturing
d) technology and electronics

The economy of Japan can best be described as
a) mixed
b) command
c) traditional
d) communist

Japan's economy could be classified as
a) weak and unstable, with little foreign trade
b) totally under the control of the government
c) one of the most technologically advanced in the world
d) heavily dependent on the country's agricultural production

The Japanese economy has to make up for the country's lack of ...?
a) education
b) population
c) natural resources
d) nuclear power

Japanese farmers were able to increase the amount of land they had for farming by doing which of the following?
a) digging terraces in the hillsides
b) reducing the size of their cities
c) rewarding farmers for big harvests
d) paying people to move out of rural areas

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