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The deer has sharp "antlers."
a) head
b) horns
c) arms
d) ears

My friend "imagined" he was going to Mars.
a) talk about
b) listened to
c) made up
d) write

Mandy speaks many "languages."
a) whispering
b) writing
c) listening
d) types of speech

We need a "narrator" for the play.
a) author
b) teacher
c) speaker
d) writer

The airplane flew "overhead."
a) next to
b) under
c) into
d) above

I "poked" a hole into the bag.
a) shook
b) carried
c) pulled
d) pushed

I had to "retell" the story.
a) not tell
b) tell after
c) tell before
d) tell again

My shoes were "untied."
a) tie again
b) tied
c) not tied
d) partially tied

He "disobeyed" his mother.
a) not obeyed
b) obeyed or listened to
c) obeyed again
d) obeyed sometimes

If I don't study my spelling words, I will "misspell" them.
a) spell correctly
b) spell some correctly
c) spell incorrectly
d) spell most correctly

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