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If you are going to deposit money into your account you will need...
a) a deposit slip
b) your checkbook
c) identification
d) a check

A blank endorsement is
a) when you sign only your name on the back of a check made out to you.
b) when you don't put anything on the back of the check
c) when you put your account number on the back of the check
d) when you release your check to a third party

What kind of endorsement allows you pay a person with a check that was made out to you.
a) blank endorsement
b) restrictive endorsement
c) endorsement in full
d) bystander endorsement

What is it called when a check hasn't been cashed in six months and is no longer good.
a) Bad Check
b) Bounced Check
c) Insufficient Check
d) Stale Check

What is a cancelled check?
a) Checks that have been paid by the bank
b) Checks that have gone bad
c) Checks that were voided by the person righting the check
d) Checks that bounced

To overdraw on your checking account means to
a) run out of checks in your checkbook
b) to reconcile your account
c) write checks for money you don't have in your account
d) complete a deposit slip

Checks written but not received by a bank are called...
a) outstanding checks
b) canceled checks
c) overdrawn checks
d) unfortunate checks

Bank service fees are
a) added to your account balance
b) deducted from you account balance
c) have nothing to do with your balance
d) Won't affect your balance

True or False- One of the steps to opening a checking account is completing a signature card
a) True
b) False
c) Not this answer
d) Not this answer

True or False- Your social security number is also used as your bank account number.
a) True
b) False
c) Not this answer
d) Not this answer

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