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Which of the following is the ability to cause change in matter?

The energy of a moving object is called________________energy.
a) thermal
b) kinetic
c) potential
d) heat

What is another name for stored energy?
a) conduction
b) kinetic
c) potential
d) heat

How many different way can thermal energy move?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 2
d) 10

An energy transformation is ________________.
a) energy that is related to heat
b) the amount of energy
c) energy changing from one form to another
d) energy can not be created or destroyed

Which of the following are the main types of potential and kinetic energy?
a) conduction, convection, and radiation
b) radiant, thermal, chemical, mechanical. and electrical
c) heat,light and sound
d) batteries, lightning, fire and the sun

A student who is feeling cold briskly rubs her hands on her bare arms. What energy transformation is the student using to feel warmer?
a) Mechanical -----> Thermal
b) Light -----> Thermal
c) Thermal ----->Chemical
d) Electrical -----> Thermal

Which object works by changing chemical energy to mechanical energy?
a) lamp and battery circuit
b) bike
c) toaster
d) sun

The discovery that electrical energy can be converted to radiant energy allowed people to have _______________.
a) cars
b) fans
c) televisions
d) food

A hamburger is what type of energy?
a) mechanical
b) chemical
c) radiant
d) electrical

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