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Conscience is the awareness of right and wrong. It is depicted in cartoons as a __________ and __________.
a) snake and apple
b) devil and angel
c) cat and dog
d) friend and foe

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human needs (“the triangle”) the lowest or most basic level is _____.
a) mental
b) physical
c) esteem
d) safety

If you reach Maslow’s highest level in the hierarchy you will probably be ___________. Which is the BEST answer
a) in a loving relationship
b) helping others
c) debt free
d) lonely

Why is it important to guard your heart? Pick the BEST answer.
a) you should guard your heart because it determines your life
b) you should guard your heart so you don’t have a heart attack
c) you should guard your heart so you don’t get hurt
d) I don't know

Infatuation is focused on the other person’s thoughts and feelings
a) true - infatuation is true love and true love cares more about the other person
b) false - infatuation is focused on ones personal feelings and desires
c) I don't know
d) none

According to Covey, one of the biggest mistakes teens make when dating at a young age is... (what did we discuss in class)
a) letting your life revolve around your partner
b) dating the wrong person
c) kissing too early
d) being confused

The only protection (from pregnancy and STDs) that is 100% safe is
a) taking birth control pills
b) taking a bath afterwards
c) using a condom every time
d) abstinence from sex

What % of guys will marry a girl if she gets pregnant?
a) 100
b) 80
c) 30
d) 20

The inner qualities of a person that mark a person as unique
a) organs
b) character
c) self
d) development

Your development starts at ____________.
a) birth
b) age 3
c) teenage years
d) conception

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