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An organism's physical apperance is known as
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) chromosomes
d) genes

Genes are found on
a) DNA
b) phenotype
c) chromosomes
d) nuclues

What is the chance of having a tall pea plant is T is dominant for tall and t is recessive for short if you cross a homozygous tall plant with a homozygous short plant?
a) 0%
b) 100%
c) 75%
d) 50%

An organism that has the genotype RR would be called
a) hybird
b) homozygous
c) genotype
d) heterozygous

Who is the father of genetics?
a) Regeniol Punnett
b) Thomas Edison
c) Gregor Mendel
d) Issac Newton

If a child has freckles and freckles are a recessive trait which of the following could be its parent combination.
a) FF X ff
b) FF X FF
c) ff X FF
d) Ff X ff

If you cross a rose that is homozygous dominant for red petals with a rose that is heterozygous for red petals what is the chance of getting a rose with the recessive trait of white petals?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 100%

Which of the following shows a recessive trait?
a) AA
b) Aa
c) aa
d) red

Which explains how genes are passed.
a) We get all our genes from dad so we look like dad.
b) We get half of our genes from one parent and the other half from the other parent which creates a unique combination.
c) We get all our genes from mom since she carried us for nine months and we look like her.
d) None of these

Traits that are passed from parent to offspring are known as
a) inherited traits
b) acquired traits
c) environmental traits
d) passed traits

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