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Population growth in the eastern states led many people to-
a) move out west
b) look for new opportunities in Europe.
c) move to the cities of New England
d) help runaway slaves get to the South.

The opportunity to farm cheap, fertile land in the west refers to-
a) Agriculture
b) The Gold Rush
c) Rivers and Canals
d) Overland trail

The overland trails many Americans used were-
a) the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail
b) the Texas Trail and the Florida Trail
c) the Oregon Trail and the Texas Trail
d) the Texas Trail and the Santa Fe Trail

What transportation-related technology in the 1800's made moving up and down rivers much faster?
a) Rowboat
b) Steamboat
c) Oceanliner
d) Canoe

An example of an important migration route for people and supplies is the-
a) Erie Canal
b) Oregon Canal
c) Santa Fe Canal
d) Erie Trail

The availability of what natural resource encouraged logging in the western territories?
a) Timber
b) Waterways
c) Coal
d) Cheap, fertile land

Oregon Territory is to farming as _______________________________
a) California is to Gold Rush
b) Texas is to Gold Rush
c) Florida is to Cattle Ranching
d) Louisiana is to Urban Development

Which of the following is not an example of Manifest Destiny?
a) White settlers respecting the property rights of American Indians.
b) White settlers taking land from American Indians.
c) America gaining territory from Great Britain, France and Mexico.
d) Americans taking their culture to the western territories.

What group of people would most likely want to the leave the South to go west?
a) White settlers
b) French-American settlers
c) American Indians
d) Runaway slaves and African Americans

Which of the following is an example of migration?
a) People moving from crowded cities in the east to the new opportunities in the west.
b) A family living on their farm without leaving.
c) A worker living in and never leaving the city s/he was born in.
d) Polar bears eating a lot of food before winter, then settling down for a nap.

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