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Which terrritory was not acquired from a European country?
a) California
b) Florida
c) Louisiana
d) Oregon Territory

Louisiana Purchase : ??? :: Florida : ???
a) Spain , France
b) France , Seminoles
c) Seminoles, Spain
d) France , Spain

Which territory did not originally belong to Mexico?
a) California
b) Southwest Territory
c) Republic of Texas
d) Oregon Territory

California is to _________________ as Oregon Territory is to ____________________
a) Spain , Great Britain
b) Great Britain , Mexico
c) Mexico , Great Britain
d) Spain , Mexico

Thomas Jefferson is to __________________ as James Monroe is to _____________
a) Declaration of Independence , Virginia Declaration of Rights
b) Louisiana Purchase , Florida
c) Florida, Louisiana Purchase
d) Oregon Territory , Louisiana Purchase

Which was not a territory of the United States?
a) Mexico
b) Florida
c) California
d) Oregon Territory

Before the Oregon Territory was owned by only America, it was shared with-
a) Spain
b) Mexico
c) Florida
d) Great Britain

Which territory doubled the size of the United States before the Mexican-American War?
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Oregon Territory
c) Florida
d) Republic of Texas

Lewis and Clark explored the Louisiana Purchase from _________ to __________?
a) the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.
b) Montana to California.
c) New York to Saint Louis
d) the Mississippi River to Alaska.

Spain and Great Britain signed these when America acquired Florida and the Oregon Territory.
a) Petitition
b) Treaty
c) Declaration of Independence
d) U.S. Constitution

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