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Your teacher has requested that you collaborate on a writing assignment with other members of your class. What feature of a wiki makes it a better choice than a blog or chat room?
a) The most recent entry is displayed on the top of the page
b) It tracks comments of all participants
c) Everyone has to be online at the same time
d) All participants can work on it on their own time

Which would you use to collaborate and communicate online with other students in REAL TIME on a project?
a) Podcasts
b) Webquests
c) Chat rooms
d) Blogs

Which is the best tool for hundreds of students to post their comments in response to specific topics?
a) Instant Messaging
b) Threaded discussion or blog
c) Web chat
d) E-mail

Match the following to the appropriate description a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.
a) E-mail
b) Webquest
c) Blog
d) Chat room

Match the following to the appropriate description A recorded message posted on the Internet
a) Podcast
b) Instant Message
c) Webquest
d) Chat room

Which is the most effective tool for many students from various locations to post their comments in response to specific topics?
a) Instant messaging
b) E-mail
c) Web chat
d) Threaded Forum

What new technology tool would be most effective for a team of scientists located in different countries to collaborate and study a new disease?
a) Mp3 player
b) Video conferencing
c) Flash drive
d) GPS

A properly written email address looks like:
a) alexwhite*gmail.com
b) billsmithgoogleemail
d) www.msn.com

You are upset with a classmate because of something they said about you. The BEST way to communicate about your feelings would be:
a) Email
b) Instant Message
c) Face to Face talk
d) Posting to their blog

Your friend created a MySpace account for your teacher without permission. What should you do?
a) Report it to the teacher or principal
b) Add information to the site
c) Email the web page address to your friends
d) Do nothing

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