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Only male property owners could make colonial laws, or ______________________.
a) slave codes
b) legislation
c) slave trade
d) industry

Virginia took away the rights of African servants with the ______________.
a) slave codes
b) legislation
c) slave trade
d) frontier

What caused the price of tobacco to rise and fall?
a) changes in how pipes were made
b) changes in supply and demand
c) changes in laws
d) changes in shipping routes

What does “freedom of the press” mean?
a) right to speak or print truth
b) right to free newspapers
c) right to a printing press
d) right to go anywhere

Who were the only people allowed to vote in most of the colonies?
a) men and women over 18
b) all men
c) male and female land owners
d) white male land owners

Which port city was known for its religious tolerance?
a) Boston
b) Charleston
c) Philadelphia
d) New York

In Africa, Europeans set up ___________ posts to buy and sell humans.
a) industry
b) slave codes
c) slave trade
d) legislation

By 1750, a large population pushed the American ______________ westward.
a) industry
b) slave trade
c) frontier
d) legislation

Which is true of both indentured servants and slaves?
a) many lived under harsh conditions
b) they were not allowed to marry
c) many came from Europe
d) they were not allowed to read

Shipbuilding became an important _______________ in New England.
a) frontier
b) legislation
c) slave trade
d) industry

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