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Speakers may need the services of?
a) A Speech Writer
b) all of these
c) a promotional agency
d) a speaking coach

Which of the following statements is false?
a) Book tours increase the sales of an athlete\\\'s book.
b) sports books that extend beyond the topic of the sport may generate interest for a wider readership
c) athletes\\\' auto biographies are often ghostwritten
d) an athlete usually doesn\\\'t count on much income from writing a book

the element that can make or break a sportst figure\\\'s relationship with fans is
a) salary
b) book sales.
c) image.
d) autographs.

who can be in a group that doesn\'t fall under the speaking engagment catorgory?
a) Pro athlete
b) Celebraty
c) Famouse person
d) local unknow person

what is a public relation?
a) to people dating.
b) the arm of marketing that concerns itself with creating a favorable public opinion for a indiv/group
c) celebraty people dating
d) marketing

a) lkjl;
b) jl;j
c) l;jk
d) l;j

a) jl;k
b) jl;
c) j
d) l;kj

a) kl;
b) jkljkl
c) jkl
d) jkl

a) jkl
b) jkl
c) jkljkljkljkl
d) jkl

a) jkljkl;lj
b) ;jkl
c) jkl;
d) jkl;

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