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Why do athletes support charities and foundations?
a) because they care about the causes supported by the organizations
b) to reaise public awareness about special concerns
c) to help needy and ill children
d) all of these

The news media
a) avoids bad publicity for athletes
b) often ignores athletes' connections with charities
c) prefers to stick with sports statistics
d) both 1 and 2

What is a foundation?
a) company that helps to finance sports
b) an organization that is stablished to maintain, assist, or finance other institutions
c) focus on a specific audience or skill
d) to help pro athletes warm up before their training camps begin

Athletes become invovled in community service by
a) sponsoring tournaments
b) donating money to charities
c) establishing foundations
d) all of these

Is golf a sport that capitalizes on creating tournamnets for charity?
a) Yes
b) No
c) I don't know
d) I don't care

What's an example of a foundation
a) The NBA
b) National Golf Association
c) Burger King
d) Judi's House

Why do fans admire Sammy Sosa?
a) Athletic Ability and Humanity
b) He drinks pepsi
c) He's Hispanic
d) He's rich

What makes Aikman's End Zone unique?
a) His name
b) He's an Olympian
c) the partnership Troy formed with Starbright World Foundation
d) He knows Steven Spielberg

What must make an athlete consider to make charitable events successful
a) Get the whole community involved
b) Get famous people to sponsor it
c) Get endorsments
d) all of the above

If you were an advisor to an athlete that messes up a lot, what would you say to him?
a) all of the following
b) Endorse charities
c) Get a financial advisor
d) Get a reliable agent

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