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The illusion of depth using size and position is known as?
a) Value
b) Typography
c) Space
d) Line

Using the difference in relative sizes to draw visual attention.
a) Scale
b) Cool colors
c) Warm colors
d) Value

The visual design principle of ______ can create a point of interest through isolation or a position of separation.
a) Balance
b) Unity
c) Emphasis
d) Scale

_________ is nothing more than extreme difference in value, color, texture, shape, line etc. that is used to create interest and excitement in visual design.
a) Unity
b) Pattern
c) Contrast
d) Movement

Which of the following is NOT a property of color?
a) Triad
b) Hue
c) Value
d) Chroma

Which of the following techniques is NOT a way to achieve visual unity (harmony)?
a) Continuation
b) Proximity
c) Repetition
d) Typography

A color scheme involving the use of only ONE hue that can vary in value or intensity (e.g. a Grey suit with a light grey shirt and a dark grey tie) is referred to as:
a) Triadic
b) Analogous
c) Complementary
d) Monochromatic

Which of the following colors is not a primary color?
a) Yellow
b) Red
c) Blue
d) Green

A line extending from the bottom-left corner to the top-right corner would be considered to be a __________ line.
a) Diagonal
b) Vertical
c) Horizontal
d) Typography

Visual ______ directs our eyes through a design along lines, edges, colors or paths of equal value. It is an extremely powerful force in creating strong visual design.
a) Hue
b) Movement
c) Monochromatic
d) Split-Complement

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