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The best option for photorealism in an image is
a) Vector
b) Grayscale
c) Bitmap

Which of the following would most likely create the best looking bitmaped image?
a) 256 colors at 600 dpi
b) Millions of colors at 72 dpi
c) 16 colors at 300 dpi
d) Millions of colors at 600 dpi

"Anti-aliasing" will remove
a) False Names
b) Jags
c) Intense colors
d) Black and white

Compared to the final target size of an image, the image should be digitized
a) Smaller
b) Larger
c) The same size
d) Darker

Before a digitized image can be manipulated it must be
a) Scaled
b) Rotated
c) Selected
d) Colorized

Software with "photo" in its title is generally
a) Vector based
b) Free on the Internet
c) Only for professionals
d) Bitmap based

Dithering makes it possible to
a) Sharpen the image
b) Reduce the number of colors used
c) Convert to black and white
d) See more detail

Which of the following statements is not true?
a) A pixel is always the same size
b) Bitmap images are made of pixels
c) Pixels can create jags
d) High resolution usually is better quality

Which of the following statements is true?
a) Reducing the size of an image always improves the quality
b) Larger images are easier to scan
c) Images should be scanned at the size they will be used
d) Output to screen and print should be done at the same resolution

For on-screen presentation, the resolution should be
a) The highest the computer will generate
b) 300 dpi
c) 72 dpi
d) As low as possible

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