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A raster or bitmap graphics consist of
a) a series of pixels
b) drawing elements or objects such as lines, rectangles, and circles
c) the color values defined by the content of the image
d) simple black and white objects.

A vector graphic consists
a) a series of pixels
b) drawing element of objects such as lines, rectangle, and circles
c) the color values defined by the content of the image
d) simple black and white objects

What is not a characteristic of a bitmapped graphic:
a) created with a paint program
b) made up of pixels
c) can be re-sized w/out losing and quality
d) is used for photographs

What is not a characteristic of a vector graphic:
a) created with drawing software programs
b) made up as a recipe or commands to create the graphic
c) can be resized w/out losing any quality
d) is used mainly for photographs

The following elements of a photograph can be digitally manipulated except
a) the lightness/darkness
b) the color values and intensity
c) red eye and glare from lights can be taken out
d) changing vector files of the photograph

The best device for digitizing an images from 8" x 10" color glossy photograph is:
a) a hand held scanner
b) a video camera and capture board
c) xerox machine
d) a flatbed scanner

The sweet spot on a scanner is:
a) the tool that selects the best dots per inch
b) the area on the glass plane that scans in the truest color resolution
c) the part of the scanner software that allows you to select the item to be scanned
d) the area in the back where you can hook up a parallel port or SCSI connector

Paint software packages include all the following except:
a) pixel editing and changing
b) add. subtract, or manipulate a graphic
c) add filters and textures to graphic
d) word-process and do page layout

A flatbed scanner can scan all of the following except:
a) photographs
b) line drawing, cartoons
c) motion video
d) objects such as keys, coins, and tools

One aspect of 3-D graphics that is true is:
a) you must have light and shadow to see the 3-D effect
b) you are changing your computer monitor from 2-D to a real 3-D environment
c) you must use only a 3-D graphic program that starts with a wire frame model
d) 3-D graphics usually take up less storage space than 2-D

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