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Regarding portion limitations, with most forms of media, you can generally use up to % under fair use guidelines.
a) 5
b) 10
c) 15
d) 20

Copyright permission is required regardless of how little or how much of the copyrighted material is used if it is used for non-educational or
a) commercial purposes
b) scientific purposes
c) home uses
d) religious purposes

When you follow the multimedia fair use guidelines, you do not have to credit sources used and display the copyright notice and copyright ownership information.
a) True
b) False

Reproduction (part or whole) of copyrighted computer programs, even for educational uses, is a violation of copyright laws.
a) True
b) False

______graphics consist a series of colored dots put together to form an image.
a) Vector
b) Bitmap/Raster
c) Continuous Tone
d) Pixel

A palette clash is caused by:
a) Two or more graphics on the screen at the same time that were created with different palettes
b) Two or more photos on the screen at the same that were scanned at different resolutions
c) Two or more animations on the screen at the same time that were rendered at different frame rates
d) Displaying a color and black/white photo on the screen at the same time

A clip art library which contains vasual images which are easily scaled to any size and proportion is probably made up of:
a) Bitmapped images
b) Frame-based animations
c) Vector-based graphics
d) universal color palettes

A bitmapped file contains two sections- first is the pixel data and the second is the color palette. The purpose of the color palette is:
a) Provide a color map to use for recreating the image correctly
b) To store compression algorithms
c) To list alternate colors for use with graphic editors
d) Calibrate monitors with different gamma characteristics

One advantage of reducing a bitmapped image for 24 bits to 8 bits of color is:
a) Sharper details in the image
b) Better edge definition in the image
c) The image file is smaller
d) It contains more accurate blue colors

__________ graphics consist of a combination of shapes put together to form an image
a) Vector
b) Bitmap
c) Raster
d) Pixel

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