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Because of the unique position of the Earth in the solar system, life has flourished due to the presence of
a) helium
b) salt
c) liquid water
d) volcanoes

Which of these would most likely occur as the ice caps melt?
a) The Earth would become cooler.
b) The rain would be more acidic.
c) The rivers would flow more rapidly.
d) The sea would cover more land.

Even though the Earth's inner core is hotter than the liquid outer core, it is still solid because
a) the heat rising from the inner core is melting the outer core
b) the pressure from all of Earth's layers keeps it in a solid state
c) the outer core is farther from the center, and there is less gravity holding it together
d) there is no water in the outer core and it dilutes the materials

Of the following, the largest division on the geologic time scale is
a) a year
b) a period
c) an era
d) an epoch

Virginia has large deposits of sand and gravel. These are usually found in areas where
a) water once flowed
b) the water table was once very low
c) swamps once were present
d) lava once covered the ground

What is the process called through which water soaking into soil dissolves or washes minerals from an upper level to a lower level?
a) leaching
b) percolation
c) exfoliation
d) sweeping

The Southern Hemisphere is warmer in January than in July because
a) it is experiencing summer
b) the cold winds are concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere
c) the sun put our more energy
d) the hole in the ozone layer allows more heat into the atmosphere

If there were a slight increase in the amount of solar energy that reached the Earth, there would be an immediate increase in
a) erosion
b) evaporation
c) volcanic activity
d) groundwater flow

Lightweight and strong, the metal that has been recycled with the greatest success is
a) aluminum
b) titanium
c) steel
d) tin

Compared to the the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains are much
a) older
b) less eroded
c) higher
d) thicker

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