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Measured in pixels it refers to the sharpness and clarity of an image or monitor.
a) Bandwidth
b) Streaming
c) Optimization
d) Resolution

A picture presenting a view of objects in all directions (usually a 360 degree view) is called a?
a) Driver
b) Image Map
c) Rollover
d) Panorama

A common web animation format is?
a) GIF
c) AVI
d) JPG

HTML stands for?
a) Hyper Text Markup Language
b) Hyper Text Movement Location
c) Hyper Text Markup Location
d) Hyper Text Movement Language

All of the following are examples of work-based learning experiences except?
a) A field trip to a multimedia development company.
b) All of the options listed are work-based learning experiences.
c) An internship at a multimedia development company.
d) A job shadow of or class presentation by an industry professional.

Taking stepped pixels and rendering them as smooth curved lines is known as...
a) compressing
b) optimizing
c) smoothing
d) anti-aliasing

Which type of graphic image will not distort or pixelate when you change its actual size?
a) Bitmap
c) PSD
d) Vector

What graphic file type uses a lossless compression method and supports transparency?
a) GIF
b) PSD
c) BMP
d) SVG

What is the maximum number of colors that a GIF file can use?
a) 256
b) 16
c) 64
d) 64,000

What types of images are better suited saved in GIF format?
a) High definition photographs.
b) Displaying natural, complex images.
c) Displaying flat color objects, and natural images with narrow ranges of tones.
d) Black and white images only.

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