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What are the educational fair-use limitations on using illustrations and photographs in a multimedia presentation?
a) Up to 5 illustrations or photograph.
b) Up to 10 illustrations or photographs.
c) Only one illustration or photograph.
d) No limit on illustrations and photographs.

Software that is provided free of charge but the owner stipulates a purchase fee for permanent use is called?
a) Public Domain
b) Shareware
c) Software cannot be downloaded for free.
d) If software is downloaded for free, the owner has no right to a fee.

What are the educational fair-use limitations on using music, lyrics and music video in a multimedia presentation?
a) Up to 15 seconds.
b) Up to 10 percent , but in no event more that 30 seconds.
c) There are no restrictions on using music, lyrics, and music video in multimedia presentations.
d) No more than 5 seconds.

Fair-use guidelines only apply to multimedia projects created for?
a) Educational Purposes
b) Profit
c) Entertainment
d) Private Businesses

Multimedia projects created to make a profit must get permission or pay to use any copyrighted and non-original media.
a) True
b) False

Multimedia projects created in your school, using school equipment and software can be sold to the highest bidder.
a) True
b) False

Rendering a 3D graphic is best done...
a) via the Internet.
b) on the fastest computer available with lots of RAM.
c) on the slowest computer available with little RAM.
d) while multitasking.

Textures available in 3D graphics include all of the following except?
a) Wood
b) Metal
c) Rock
d) Light

All of the following are possible job titles for 3D graphic designers except?
a) Animator
b) Industrial Designer
c) Sanitation Engineer
d) Architect

Pieces of software that add additional features to a web browser.
a) Image Slicing/Maps
b) Plug-ins
c) Rollovers
d) Tables

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