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What is the main disadvantage to using a bitmap type graphic?
a) They can only use 265 colors.
b) They cannot be enlarged greatly without degradation to the image.
c) They are more photo-realistic then vector images.
d) There are no real disadvantages to using bitmap graphics.

What is the maximum color depth for an 8-bit color bitmap?
a) Millions of colors
b) 16 colors
c) 256 colors
d) 65,000 colors

How many colors can a 1-bit graphic utilize?
a) 2
b) 16
c) 256
d) 65,000

Two key elements in video include?
a) Lighting and special effects.
b) Special effects and typography.
c) Special effects and simple backgrounds.
d) Lighting and simple backgrounds.

A PC sound file format that is not compatible with a Macintosh computer is?
a) WAV
b) MP3
c) AIF
d) WIF

Which type of animation consists of multiple frames tied together like a movie clip to produce the illusion of movement?
a) story
b) sketch
c) path
d) keyframe

A GIF animation is considered which type of animation?
a) keyframe
b) path
c) story
d) shape

Which of the following audio file types is compressed?
a) WAV
b) MP3
d) AIF

Popular web development tools include all of the following except?
a) Dreamweaver
b) Joomla
c) WordPress
d) Access

CBT means?
a) Certification Based Tutoring
b) Certification Based Training
c) Computer Based Tutoring
d) Computer Based Training

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