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Scale is defined as?
a) The relationship between elements.
b) How big or small an object is.
c) The alignment of objects in screen design.
d) Scale is not an element of screen design.

A serif font is recognized by?
a) The restriction of only uppercase letters.
b) The restriction of only lowercase letters.
c) The absence of a tail or flag at the end of a keystroke.
d) The presence of a tail or flag at the end of a keystroke.

A collection of characters of a single size and family is referred to as a?
a) Font
b) Typeface
c) Serif
d) Sans Serif

Balance that gives a sense of stability is called?
a) Symmetrical
b) Asymmetrical
c) Radial
d) Crystallographic

The rule of thirds in photographic composition refers to?
a) Arranging figures around an imaginary isosceles triangle or into irregular triangles.
b) Dividing the image with two hori. and vert. lines & placing important components on intersections.
c) Keeping the background uncluttered and not crammed full of items that distract from the scene.
d) Using lines, physical or implied to guide the users eye.

What kind of line suggests movement?
a) Diagonal
b) Horizontal
c) Vertical
d) Lines are not used in screen design

The purpose of lines in screen design is to?
a) Create emphasis only.
b) Help identify shapes and create a sense of movement.
c) Create a crystallographic balance.
d) Lines serve no purpose in screen design.

The phase of the ADDIE model that includes such activities as writing the course outline, deciding on color schemes and storyboarding is the __?
a) Design Phase
b) Develop Phase
c) Dialog Phase
d) Integration Phase

Which phase of the ADDIE model are alpha and beta tests conducted?
a) Implementation
b) Evaluation
c) Development
d) Design

What is the standard dpi for a graphic that is to be used in an electronic web format?
a) 48 dpi
b) 72 dpi
c) 200 dpi
d) 600 dpi

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