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Who's main responsibility is it to tie project media together into a completed project (author) and fix all of the bugs and syntax errors?
a) SME
b) Programmer
c) Graphic Artist
d) Project Manager

Who's main responsibilty is it to make team assignments, set deadlines for the project and make sure deadlines are met?
a) SME
b) Project Manager
c) Programmer
d) Graphic Artist

Which of the following Graphics are made up of pixels or dots?
a) Vector
b) Text
c) Bitmap/Raster
d) 3D Graphic

DPI means?
a) Dots Per Inch
b) Dots Per Increment
c) Dithers Per Inch
d) Dithers Per Increment

The skeleton design showing the overall flow of a project with navigation is called __? Sections don't need to be complete but shows how the user navigates through the project.
a) First-Version Prototype
b) First-Series Prototype
c) First-Depth Prototype
d) First-Breadth Prototype

What is a Linear Mode Presentation
a) Presentations using forward direction only.
b) Presentations that can navigate anywhere anytime.
c) Presentations guided by a menu.
d) Presentations that follow a path.

A Memory location in RAM that temporarily stores data is called________________.
a) Dithering
b) Multitasking
c) Multilayering
d) The Clipboard

Which colors are NOT considered hues?
a) Green and Red
b) Violet and Yellow
c) Blue and Yellow
d) Black and Brown

What are the three standard ways to achieve unity in screen design?
a) Balance, color and symmetry.
b) Proximity, repetition and continuation.
c) Contrasing colors, lines and stability.
d) Balance, emphasis and continuation.

What is negative space?
a) Space where there are no elements.
b) Space where there are elements.
c) There is no such thing as negative space in screen design.
d) Negative space is not an important element in screen design.

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