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Which of the following is NOT an audio file format?
a) MP3
b) AIF
c) RA
d) AI

Which of the following is NOT a video file format?
a) AVI
b) MOV
c) DV
d) WAV

Which of the following is NOT an animation file format?
a) SWF
b) FLA
c) SHO
d) WMF

A file with a TXT extension contains?
a) a 2D graphic
b) text
c) a song
d) a video clip

If you are looking at the contents of a software CD in windows explorer, the file that runs the software on the CD will have what kind of extension?
a) EXE
b) TXT
c) JPG
d) MP3

USB means?
a) Universal Serial Bus
b) Unique Serial Bus
c) Universal Serial Bay
d) Unique Serial Bay

Which of the following storage media stores the most data?
a) Zip Disk
b) Floppy Disk
c) DVD

Which of the following storage media stores the least data?
a) Floppy Disk
c) DVD
d) Zip Disk

Shape is?
a) The pure form of a color (red is the pure form of pink). It is basically the name of the color.
b) The lightness or darkness of a color or how light or dark a color appears.
c) The intensity or brightness of a color. Lower brightness by adding gray or the color's complement.
d) An enclosed space defined by elements such as lines, colors, values, and textures.

Texture is?
a) The surface quality or feel of an image. It can add an appearance of smoothness, roughness, softness
b) A repetition of something such as lines, shapes, colors, etc.
c) Creating a strong visual element on the screen so that the reader's eye is drawn there first.
d) A measure of spacial distance to create depth.

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