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Which is the most important consideration when establishing career goals?
a) Driving Distance
b) Geographic Location
c) Opinions of your friends
d) Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Which describes what an individual’s SHORT-TERM goals should be?
a) Abstract
b) Attainable
c) Permanent
d) Ridiculous

Into which two categories are goals usually divided?
a) Important, less important
b) Horizontal, vertical
c) Related, unrelated
d) Short term, long term

Which individual goal has existed over an extended period of time?
a) Long Term
b) Realistic
c) Specific
d) Traditional

When working on personal development and career planning, the most important reason for setting goals is because:
a) A. Goals look great on your resume and ensure you will be hired.
b) B. Having goals ensures you are better organized and have the needed skills.
c) C. Having goals ensures you will never experience disappointment.
d) D. Setting goals helps you establish a clear purpose and destination.

An effective goal:
a) aims for the highest imaginable result.
b) focuses on the causes of current problems.
c) is stated in clear terms.
d) ignores the objections of other people.

Career decision making can best be described as:
a) A. a life-long process that involves past, present, and future work roles.
b) B. finding a part-time job to help pay for college.
c) C. thinking about what kind of career you might like someday.
d) D. updating information from earlier career plans.

Which of the following is NOT a step for career planning?
a) Assessing your skills
b) Establishing Credit
c) Exploring career options
d) Setting goals

Which of the following is LEAST important to consider when setting your personal career goals?
a) Attitude
b) Education
c) Finances
d) Popularity

Which is the BEST way to learn what a career is really like?
a) Ask your friends
b) Individual research
c) Participate in an internship
d) Using library resources

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