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What is a literary agent?
a) plans marketing campaign and books appearances
b) co-writes the book
c) edits the book

The element that can make or break a sports figures relationship with fans is
a) salary
b) books sales
c) image
d) autographs

Public relations firms work to
a) improve city streets
b) help athletes find jobs after their sports careers are over
c) teach fans etiquette skills
d) none of these

Why are athletes popular for speaking engagements?
a) people listen to them
b) they like pizza
c) do drugs
d) none of these

How can a athlete promote a book?
a) youtube
b) community
c) newspaper
d) tv

What are some reasons that athletes and coaches choose to write books?
a) Better reputation
b) money
c) fun
d) because they are dumb

Which of the following statements is false?
a) Book tours increase the sales of an athlete's book
b) Sports books that extend beyond the topic of the sport may generate interest for a wider readership
c) Athletes' autobiographies are often ghostwritten
d) An athlete usually does not count on much income from writing a book

Speakers may need the services of
a) a speech writer
b) a speaking coach
c) a promotional agency
d) all of these

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b) naio;fgnso;igvjo
c) haio;sefis
d) fnn.asdinf

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b) f.iweneianf
c) afasf.
d) askdasienf.a

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