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Which of the following examples would a public relations firm want to downplay?
a) having a Special Olympian throw out the first ball at a baseball game
b) media coverage explaining that an athlete was unjustly accused of taking drugs.
c) paying the star of a professional team a record salary
d) offering a percentage of event proceeds to a children's hospital.

What is NOT a goal of public relations?
a) to promote a positive image of athletics
b) to market the strong features of a community
c) to problem solve when consumers complain
d) to decrease costs by releasing poor performing athletes

The arm of marketing is:
a) license
b) public relations
c) advertising
d) promotion

Public relations firms work to:
a) help athletes find jobs after their sports careers are over
b) improve city streets
c) teach fans etiquette skills
d) none of these

is j wood a beast?
a) yes
b) si
c) yeah
d) all of the above

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d) gdighphgirhiog

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b) bdfbadfbdfbdfh
c) dfbdfbdfna
d) ngngmgmnag

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b) gngngabg
c) fdabdfbdfgngn
d) adgbbganaghg

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b) dfgfgergegjy
c) dhghrgsdfgrtttrh
d) dfbrthtyjyrbtdrtrt

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b) rthrt666sjy
c) sdfgtyytgh
d) rtshy6fgtyjyjk

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