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What was the primary economic activity in the South?
a) Agriculture
b) Basket Weaving
c) Financial Services
d) Industry

What was the primary economic activity in the North?
a) Industry
b) Basket Weaving
c) Financial Services
d) Agriculture

Why did the South support slavery?
a) Cotton farming requires much manual labor
b) Southerners were lazy
c) Slavery was too expensive
d) Cotton farming was done mostly by machines

What is an Abolitionist?
a) Someone who believes slavery is wrong and should be stopped.
b) Someone who wants to hold political office
c) Someone who does not believe in God
d) Someone who supports slavery

How did the Missouri compromise calm things down?
a) It meant that there were equal numbers of slave and free states
b) It guaranteed that Georgia would secede from the Union
c) It led to anti-slave legislation being passed immediately
d) It meant that Missouri would be a free state

What did the Georgia Platform accomplish?
a) It settled down the secessionists and confirmed GA\'s agreement with the Compromise of 1850
b) It caused Georgia to reject the Compromise of 1850
c) It led to Georgia outlawing slavery
d) It caused the secessionists to become more vocal and agitated

What necessitated the Compromise of 1850?
a) California being brought into the Union
b) Spain attacking South Carolina
c) New Mexico annexing with Texas
d) California seceding from the Union

Who authored the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) Stephen Douglas of Illinois
b) Dred Scott of Kansas
c) Abraham Lincoln of Illinois
d) Alexander Stephens of Georgia

What was the Dred Scott decision?
a) A supreme court ruling that slaves could not sue because they were not citizens
b) A supreme court ruling that California would be a slave state
c) A supreme court ruling that slaves were citizens and could file lawsuits.
d) A supreme court ruling that freed slaves could not be forced back into slavery

How did Georgia vote in the election of 1860?
a) The majority of Georgia voters supported John Breckenridge
b) Georgia voters split between Lincoln, Douglas, and Breckenridge
c) The majority of Georgia voters supported Abraham Lincoln
d) Most Georgians did not vote, out of protest

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