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What type of muscle is found in the heart?
a) cardiac
b) smooth
c) skeletal
d) rough

Which muscles can be involuntary
a) cardiac
b) smooth
c) skeletal
d) all of the choices

__________ muscles allow for self control of muscles
a) voluntary
b) involuntary
c) a pair of
d) none of the choices

What attaches skeletal muscle to bones?
a) tendons
b) ligaments
c) nerves
d) pores

A _________ muscle _________ your body
a) flexor; bends
b) extensor; extends
c) extensor; bends
d) 2 of the choices

The triceps is an example of a(n)
a) extensor
b) extendor
c) flexor
d) none of the choices

When muscles contract they
a) get shorter
b) get longer
c) stay the same
d) none of the choices

An example of aerobic exercise is
a) bicycling
b) lifting weights
c) push ups
d) pulling a rope

An example of resistance exercise is
a) jogging
b) sit ups
c) swimming
d) skating

Tendonitis is
a) inflamation of tendons
b) a type of steroid
c) a muscle strain
d) 2 of the choices

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