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What is homeostasis?
a) the organ system that absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide
b) the maintenance of a steady internal balance
c) the maintenance of a steady external balance
d) hormones and other chemical messages

A group of cells that work together form
a) organs
b) tissues
c) organ systems
d) organelles

A group of tissues working together form
a) organs
b) tissues
c) organ systems
d) organelles

Epithelial tissue
a) covers and protects
b) supports and protects
c) contracts and relaxes
d) sends electrical signals

Muscle tissue
a) contracts and relaxes
b) sends electrical signals
c) covers and protects
d) supports and protects

Which organ systems regulate body fluid?
a) urinary and lymphatic
b) lymphatic and respiratory
c) respiratory and endocrine
d) endocrine and urinary

How many major organ systems are there?
a) 12
b) 11
c) 10
d) 13

The digestive system
a) breaks down food
b) helps move
c) removes wastes
d) none of the choices

the organ system that fights infection is
a) the immune system
b) the reproductive system
c) the lymphatic system
d) the muscular system

Organ systems working together make up a(n)
a) organism
b) organ
c) organelle
d) tissue

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