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As The Inquisitr previously reported, birthday boy Psy is hedging somewhat as to whether he will actually retire “Gangnam Style.”
a) Correct as is
b) No comma after REPORTED
c) Add comma after PSY
d) Semicolon after REPORTED

We can also put it this way Bella's character is so inherently weak in terms of personal power, that when she finally morphs into a stronger being, the clothes don't fit.
a) Colon after WAY
b) Comma after WAY
c) Semicolon after WAY
d) Correct as is

The issues affecting sharks' survival include the threat of overfishing, pollution, habitat loss and climate change.
a) Correct as is
b) Semicolon after INCLUDE
c) Remove commas after OVERFISHING and POLLUTION
d) Add colon after ISSUES

Although the vast majority of high school students in Israel have cell phones the extent of their use has never been examined in depth.
a) Comma after PHONES
b) Correct as is
c) Comma after ALTHOUGH
d) Semicolon after PHONES

Then, he did something he never does; he paused and looked back.
a) Colon after DOES
b) Correct as is
c) Comma after DOES
d) Comma after LOOKED

I saw it just after returning home from the first interfaith vigil for Sandy Hook School students and felt a pit in my stomach grow and bloom.
a) Add comma before AND FELT A PIT
b) Correct as is
c) Add semicolon before IT
d) Add colon after IT

Instead of becoming the spoiled lazy, uninspired young man of the media's misguided dreams, Justin has emerged as a young man with his head on straight.
a) Add comma after SPOILED
b) Correct as is
c) Remove comma after LAZY
d) Replace comma after DREAMS

Some 95% of the pupils take pictures or make recordings during class for non-study purposes; 94% send e-mails and text messages; 93% listen to music during class.
a) Correct as is
b) Replace semicolons with colons
c) Replace semicolons with commas
d) No punctuation needed at all

Age also influences cell phone use, 10th graders use their phones in class most frequently, while 12th graders use them the least.
a) Colon after USE
b) Correct as is
c) Semicolon after USE
d) No punctuation needed after USE

Jay-Z will be co-writing the original musical score for The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Luhrmann, who also directed the period films Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge
a) Correct as is
b) No punctuation needed
c) Semicolon after Gatsby
d) Colon after Gatsby

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