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what is the potential energy acquired by an onject with a mass of 5.00 kilogram when it is raised 5.00 meters?
a) 25.0 J
b) 49.0 J
c) 245 J
d) 480 J

A metal rod and a brick are both in the sun. Assuming that both are the same mass, which property of matter will make one hotter to the touch than the other?
a) Density
b) specific heat
c) melting point
d) boiling point

A 3.00 - kg object rests on the roof's edge of a 10.0 - m high building. What is the object's potential energy?
a) 22.8 J
b) 33.0 J
c) 294 J
d) 300 J

How much power is used to lift a box that weighs 50 Newtons 10 meters in 10 seconds?
a) 5 watts
b) 50 watts
c) 500 watts
d) 5000 watts

A total of 750 J of work was done when a force of 125 N was exerted on a box to move it. How far was the box moved?
a) 6.00 m
b) 600 m
c) 850 m
d) 906 m

A student exerts a force of 500 N pushing a box 10 m across the floor in 4 s. How much work does the student perform?
a) 50 J
b) 1250 J
c) 2000 J
d) 5000 J

In which example would the amount of work done equal zero?
a) holding a 1,000 - N rock overhead
b) filing papers in a file cabinet
c) carrying a bag of groceries upstairs
d) writing a book report

How does ice cool a warm drink?
a) Cold flows from the ice to the drink
b) Heat flows from the ice to the drink
c) Cold flows from the drink to the ice
d) Heat flows from the drink to the ice

Why is lightning seen before thunder is heard?
a) Light travels slower than sound
b) Light travels faster than sound
c) lightning has more energy than thunder
d) Lightning has less energy than thunder

A student opens the top window and the bottom window in a hot room. Warmer air goes out the top window, while cooler air comes in the bottom window. Which best explains why the room becomes cooler?
a) conduction
b) radiation
c) heat reaction
d) convection

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