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Which dialog box in Microsoft Word 2010 is used to quickly locate a specific character, word or phrase in a document?
a) Search and replace
b) Word search
c) Character search
d) Find and replace

Which is the process of navigating to a specific location n a document such as a page number, line number, footnote, or comment?
a) Find
b) Go to
c) Replace
d) Select

Which is the purpose of adding background color to a selected area of a document in order to bring attention to the information?
a) Coloring
b) Marking
c) Highlighting
d) Emphasizing

Which term refers to changes made in a document that affect the visual appearance of the document?
a) Styling
b) Formatting
c) Designing
d) Perfecting

THe way in which a paragraph lines up horizontally between the margins of a document is called:
a) Adjustment
b) Balancing
c) Alignment
d) Spacing

Placing this in a document refers to moving the information to the right of its current location.
a) Backspace
b) Insertion Point
c) Paragraph mark
d) Indent

An easy method for copying a formatting feature from one place in a document and applying it to another is called?
a) Paragraph copier
b) Format painter
c) Format copier
d) Style painter

What are the heavy dots added for emphasis before each item in a list called?
a) Bullets
b) Pellets
c) Points
d) b

When items is a list have a particular order which type of emphasis is used to indicate the order?
a) Bullets
b) Symbols
c) Marks
d) Numbers

Adding emphasis to a list of items in a Mircosoft Word 2010 document is considered what type of formatting?
a) Organized
b) Style
c) Paragraph
d) Font

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