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On a magnet, like poles __________________________________.
a) Attract
b) Repel
c) Have no interaction
d) Repel and Attract

Any material that attracts objects made of iron, cobalt, or nickel is a ____________________________.
a) Magnet
b) Turbiune
c) Motor
d) Conductor

Magnets have tiny regions of atoms that line up called __________________________________.
a) Magnetic Field Lines
b) Magnetic Fields
c) Magnetic Domains
d) Magnetic Poles

This force deals with the properties and interactions of magnets
a) Magnetism
b) Electricity
c) Static Electricity
d) Density

Magnets that keep their magnetism for a long time after they are removed from a magnetic field are called
a) Temporary Magnets
b) Permanant Magnets
c) Electromagnets
d) Ferromagnets

Magnets that lose their magnetism easily are called ___________________________________.
a) Permanant Magnets
b) Temporary Magnets
c) Electromagnets
d) Ferromagnets

A device that takes mechanical energy and converts it into electrical energy is called an
a) Electric Generator
b) Electric Motor
c) Electric Circuit
d) Electric Turbine

A device made of an electrified coil wrapped around an iron core is a(n) ___________________________.
a) Electromagnet
b) Magnet
c) Circuit
d) Ferromagnet

A compass needle points to the north geographic pole of the Earth because it is attracted to the ____________________ magnetic pole that is nearby.
a) North
b) East
c) South
d) West

18. An electric motor transforms _______________ energy into ________________ energy.
a) Electric; Mechanical
b) Mechanical; Electric
c) Electric; Chemical
d) Chemical; Mechanical

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