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Which statement correctly describes the effect of gravity on the planets?
a) planets fly randomly through space due to gravity
b) gravity only holds the inner planets
c) gravity does not effect planets because gravity does not exist in space
d) planets are held in a circular orbit due to gravity

What causes a high surface temperature on Venus?
a) the acid content of its atmosphere
b) the greenhouse effect of its atmosphere
c) the planet's retrograde spin on its axis
d) the planets fast period of rotation

Why is Venus sometimes called Earth's twin?
a) Venus rotates in the same direction
b) Venus's air has the same gases
c) Venus is the same size and density
d) Venus was born at the same time

Why are the inner planets called terrestrial planets?
a) because they are very hot
b) because they resemble Earth and are made of rock
c) because most are gas giants
d) because they can support life

Which of the following bodies is most likely to have many craters?
a) a gas giant located near the asteroid belt
b) a moon with ice caps and a thin atmosphere
c) a terrestrial planet without any atmosphere
d) a terrestrial planet with a thick atmosphere

Seasons on Earth are the result of
a) Earth's revolution around the sun
b) Earth's rotation
c) Earth's tilted axis
d) the spinning of Earth

Which statement in NOT true about seasons.
a) the season depends on which hemisphere you are in; the northern and southern hemispheres are opposit
b) changes in the length of day is a cause of seasons
c) changing seasons are a result of rotation and revolution around the sun
d) changes in the sun's intensity is a cause of seasons

What is the cause of day and night on Earth?
a) Earth's revolution
b) Earth's rotation
c) Earth's tilted axis
d) the moon's orbit around the Earth

What is responsible for causing the ocean tides?
a) the sun's gravitational pull on the earth
b) the Earth's gravitational pull
c) Earth's revolution around the sun
d) the moon's gravitational pull on Earth

Why don't solar and lunar eclipses occur every month?
a) the moon's orbit is an ellipse
b) the moon's distance from Earth changes
c) the shadows do not line up correctly
d) the moon's orbit is tilted

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