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A student is a passenger in the front seat of a moving car. Which object is the best frame of reference for the student to determine how fast the car is moving relative to the ground?
a) a truck traveling in the lane next to the car
b) a signpost on the side of the road
c) the driver sitting next to the student
d) a person siting in the backseat of the car

A car\\\'s velocity changes from 0 m/s to 40 m/s in 5 seconds. What is the average acceleration of the car?
a) 8 m/s/s
b) 5 m/s/s
c) 35 m/s/s
d) 200 m/s/s

An object rolls east at a steady speed of 12 m/sfor 3.0 secolnds. What distance did it travel?
a) 7.0 m
b) 36 m
c) 24 m
d) 18 m

A car velocity changes from 0m/s to 40m/s in 5 seconds. What is the average acceleration of the car?
a) 5m/s/s
b) 200m/s/s
c) 35m/s/s
d) 8m/s/s

A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 1.7m/s/s. How long will it take the car to reach a speed of 34m/s?
a) 200s
b) 58s
c) 20s
d) 2s

A 200-kg load is suspened from a cable on a crane. The load is moved upward at a constant velocity 20m to the top of the building. What would be true of te force on the cable as it moved upwad?
a) The force on the cable decreased
b) The force of the cable increased
c) The force of the cable remained the same
d) The force on the cable depended upon the energy of the crane

A student uses two identical balls to perform an investigation. The student throws ball A with a horizontal velocity from a height of 10 meters. At the same time, another student drops ball B from the same height without any horizontal velocity. Negl
a) Ball A will hit the ground first
b) Ball B will hit the ground first
c) Both balls will hit the ground at the same time
d) Ball A will take twice as long to hit the ground

How much force is needed to accelerate a 500kg car at a rate of 4m/s/s?
a) 125N
b) 250N
c) 2,000N
d) 4,000N

Two equal forces act at the same time on the same stationary object but in opposite directions. Which statement describes the object's motion?
a) It remains stationary
b) It moves at a constant speed
c) It accelerates
d) It decelerates

a 100 - N force causes an object to accelerate at 2 m/s/s. What is the mass of the object?
a) 0.02 kg
b) 50 kg
c) 102 kg
d) 200 kg

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