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What helped to stop the spread of slavery to the West?
a) Ordinance of 1785
b) Mississippi Ordinance
c) Northwest Ordinance
d) Territory Ordinance

How did America form its first political partiies?
a) People had differing views on the Constitution and how the country should be run.
b) People needed to come together to agree on Supreme Court justices.
c) People needed a way to maintain the balance of power between the branches.
d) People wanted to protect their right to vote.

Which event during Washington's presidency led Americans to believe that their rights might not be protected?
a) XYZ Affair
b) Judiciary Act
c) Whiskey Rebellion
d) Alien and Sedition Acts

Hamilton believed that the Constitution ________ a national bank.
a) does not support a
b) implies
c) directly states
d) outlaws

What principle of the Constitution addresses the issue of free speech?
a) individual rights
b) checks and balances
c) popular sovereignty
d) separation of powers

What can committees in the House of Rep and Senate do to a bill?
a) make changes to it
b) table it
c) recommends passing it
d) all of these

What does the legislative branch do?
a) makes the laws
b) enforces the law
c) interprets the law
d) none of these

What does the executive branch do?
a) makes the law
b) enforces the law
c) interprets the law
d) none of these

What political party supported Great Britain, favored banking and shipping, supported a National Bank, and did not want ordinary people in government.
a) Democratic-Republicans (Republicans)
b) Federalists
c) Anti-Federalists
d) Democrats

What political party supported France, appealed to small farmers, strictly interpreted the Constitution & encouraged ordinary people in government?
a) Democratic-Republicans (Republicans)
b) Federalists
c) Anti-Federalists
d) Democrats

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