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What was the Great Compromise during the Constitutional Convention?
a) The House of Rep would be based on population. The Senate would have two members from each state.
b) Slaves would count as 3/5 of a person.
c) Both houses would be based on population.
d) There would only be one house with equal representation.

Why did Washington leave after serving two terms?
a) He wanted to return to being a general.
b) He wanted political parties to rule the government.
c) He did not want to be known as an absolute monarch (king).
d) He wanted the US to return to British control.

The government must follow certain procedures set by law and guaranteed by the Constitution. This is known as
a) limitation of rights.
b) due process of law.
c) process of naturalization.
d) responsibilities of citizens.

Supporters of the Constitution were called
a) Federalists.
b) Nationalists.
c) Antifederalists.
d) Jeffersonians.

Most states created this type of legislature.
a) monarchy
b) multi-house
c) bicameral
d) single-house

Why did states limit the powers of their governors?
a) They wanted the president to have all the powers.
b) They wanted the federal government to have all the power.
c) They wanted to avoid a British type of government.
d) They wanted to follow the Articles of Confederation.

What could the federal government do to get money under the Articles of Confederation?
a) ask to borrow money from foreign countries
b) ask to borrow money from the states
c) the congress would create a new tax
d) the president would have to sign a bill into law

Why was the National Bank created?
a) to collect taxes and tariffs to pay off debt
b) to make wealthy Americans repay the debt
c) to make sure that laws were funded
d) to repay citizens for their contributions to the war

In the Articles of Confederation, the federal government's power was
a) unlimited
b) limited
c) equal to the state government's
d) divided into three branches

The final authority in the US government is
a) the president.
b) the court system.
c) the Constitution.
d) the states.

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