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We are playing tag.
a) We
b) are
c) playing
d) tag

Misty was chewing on a bone.
a) bone
b) on
c) was
d) chewing

I should clean my room.
a) I
b) should
c) clean
d) my

My friends and I will go to the park.
a) My
b) friends
c) will
d) park

They have baked cookies and brownies.
a) They
b) baked
c) cookies
d) have

The students are learning division.
a) The
b) students
c) learning
d) are

The farmer had planted all of the seeds.
a) had
b) farmer
c) planted
d) of

I should finish my homework before supper.
a) I
b) should
c) finish
d) before

The girl is picking many apples.
a) The
b) girl
c) is
d) many

The cross country runners were running through the woods.
a) cross
b) country
c) runners
d) were

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