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What is the most common purpose for reading an expository text?
a) To be informed
b) To be entertained
c) To be persuaded
d) To be bored

Complete this analogy- student : class : : patient : ________
a) sick
b) death
c) hospital
d) virtue

Complete the sentence correctly- The students and teachers at Westover-
a) is back in class.
b) was back in class.
c) are back in class.
d) hasn't left class.

Which of the following is a complex sentence?
a) We are all tired, we just got back from the break.
b) We just got back from the break, and everyone is tired.
c) Everyone is tired. We just got back from the break.
d) Because we just got back from the break, everyone is tired.

Which of the following is an adjectival clause?
a) because they love cheese
b) who hates to be interrupted
c) although it was blue
d) unless we all get along

What organizational pattern does a "how to" article usually follow?
a) cause and effect
b) proposition and support
c) order of importance
d) sequential order

Which of the following is a compound sentence?
a) They went to the movies, and they ordered popcorn.
b) After they ordered popcorn, they saw a movie.
c) They both love popcorn.
d) They ate popcorn while they watched the movie.

What does an adverbial clause start with?
a) relative pronoun
b) adverb
c) subordinating conjunction
d) comma

What organizational pattern does a news broadcast typically follow?
a) sequential order
b) order of importance
c) cause and effect
d) classification scheme

Why should the following sentence be revised: Because we are playing a game.
a) It is a run-on sentence.
b) It contains only an independent clause.
c) It has an error in subject-verb agreement.
d) It contains only a dependent clause.

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