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Elements in the same group (column)
a) are metals
b) react in similar ways
c) have the same atomic mass
d) are noble gases

Water is not found on the periodic table because water is
a) an atom
b) a liquid
c) a mixture
d) a compound

Which substance is a compound?
a) CO
b) He
c) Si
d) Fe

Which substances are elements?
a) H2CO3 and HCl
b) CO2 and H2O
c) O and He
d) H2O and O

All matter is made up of
a) cells
b) atoms
c) molecules
d) compounds

Which is only a physical change?
a) the souring of milk
b) the burning of oil
c) the melting of ice
d) the rusting of iron

All the atoms that make up an element are
a) alike but different from those of other elements
b) always spaced the same distance aprart on the periodic table
c) different but have the same mass as the atoms of other elements
d) always moving at the same speed

How many atoms of hydrogen are in two water molcules (remember water is H20)
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What is a sign of a chemical reaction occuring?
a) bubbling and fizzing
b) nothing
c) color change
d) smaller

What speeds up a chemical reaction?
a) sugar
b) Increase the temperature
c) yelling at it
d) Decrease the temperature

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