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Malaria is a common disease in many countries. What causes malaria?
a) a virus
b) a bacterium
c) a fungus
d) a parasite

Which of the following best explains an increase in one's rate of respiration while running?
a) blood pressure is increasing
b) blood pressure is decreasing
c) excess sweat results in the need of more water vapor.
d) more oxygen is needed to utilize the body's stored energy.

How can the rate of an infectious disease be drastically reduced?
a) by medication daily
b) by preventing transmission between people
c) by wearing clean clothing daily
d) by performing dental hygiene three times daily

What is involved in creating geneticallly modified bacteria?
a) allowing them to reproduce freely
b) changing their food source
c) using biotechnology techniques
d) growing them on selected plants

Which of these best explains why driving after drinking alcohol is dangerous behavior?
a) drinking alcohol can cause nervousness and agitation
b) drinking alcohol can affect thought processes and slow reaction time
c) drinking alcohol can lead to liver damage
d) drinking alcohol can speed up heart rate and breathing rate

In a food pyramid, which best explains why the number of organisms decreases from one tropic level to the next?
a) consumers at the lower level require more energy than the top-level consumers
b) consumers at the top level require more energy than the lower-level consumers
c) the consumers are feeding on larger organisms that have less energy
d) the consumers are feeding on smaller organisms that have less energy

Why is protein an important part of a healthy diet?
a) it is needed to change glucose to energy
b) it is needed to store nutrients
c) it is needed to repair energy
d) it is needed to produce water

Which process uses a body cell to create a new organism?
a) crossbreeding
b) cloning
c) genetic modification
d) gene splicing

How much of the energy from one trophic level is transferred to the next?
a) none of the energy is transferred
b) about 1% of the energy is transferred
c) about 10% of the energy is transferred
d) all of the energy is transferred

Which food provides the most energy for the body in the shortest amount of time?
a) potato
b) milk
c) meat
d) fruit

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