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Which best explains the importance of nitrogen in the cycling of energy and matter?
a) nitrogen increases protein production in plants
b) nitrogen decreases protein production in plants
c) nitrogen decreases the effectiveness of photosynthesis
d) nitrogen increases the effectiveness of photosynthesis

Which is a way the agricultural biotechnology industry could have a positive impact on the environment?
a) by producing crops that are virus resistant
b) by making robots to replace large farm machines
c) by reducing the need for countries to import food
d) by increasing the use of wind farms that produce electricity

What will happen to the deer population if wolves that prey on deer are removed from it?
a) the population of deer will increase
b) the population of deer will decrease
c) the population of deer will remain the same
d) the population of deer will become extinct

Which is a major difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?
a) an epidemic is caused by toxins, but a pandemic is caused by viruses.
b) an epidemic results in more deaths than a pandemic.
c) an epidemic affects fewer people than a pandemic.
d) an epidemic spreads farther around the world than a pandemic.

How are viruses, bacteria, and parasites alike?
a) They are unicellular and can cause disease.
b) They are multi-cellular and can cause disease.
c) they are non-living and can cause disease.
d) they can infect a host and cause disease.

How can an epidemic become a pandemic?
a) by affecting small rural communities across the state of North Carolina.
b) by quarantining those infected so the disease does not spread.
c) by sparsely spreading to urban areas where it affects a few people in each large city.
d) by infecting large numbers of people throughout the world.

How do strawberries that have been genetically modified to resist frost benefit growers in North Carolina?
a) a longer growing season
b) a pest resistant berry
c) a larger berry
d) easier harvesting

Which limiting factor will likely prevent further growth within an ecosystem?
a) excess water supply.
b) food supply to the area.
c) transportation availability
d) recycling of human goods.

What type of symbiotic relationship exists between a tick and the dog it feeds off of?
a) mutualistic
b) parasitic
c) commensal
d) adaptive

In addition to energy, what else flows from producers to consumers within an ecosystem?
a) soil and rock
b) carbon and oxygen
c) light and sound
d) chlorophyll and nitrogen

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