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This system determines a person's job, social group, and marriage.
a) Arabic-Indian
b) caste
c) Buddhism
d) none of these

The Hindu deity who was the teacher of the world was
a) Vishnu
b) Krishna
c) Asoka
d) Buddha

This religion believes that the way to stop suffering is to stop desire.
a) Buddhism
b) Judaism
c) Hinduism
d) Jainism

Which of these rights did an Indian woman have?
a) inheritance
b) Schooling at Home
c) divorce
d) none of these

Many Indian marriages, even today are
a) long distance
b) short
c) arranged
d) invalid

Indian astronomers recognized that Earth
a) revolved around the sun.
b) was the center of the universe.
c) was flat.
d) was shrinking.

The belief that people pass through many lives is called
a) saturation.
b) consternation.
c) reunification.
d) reincarnation.

Which river empties into the Arabian Sea?
a) Indus
b) Nile
c) Ganges
d) Pataliputra

An important writer from the Gupta period was
a) Krishna.
b) Buddha.
c) Kalidasa.
d) Aesop.

In this section of the Mahabharata, Krisha talks about doing one's duty.
a) Ramayana
b) Veda
c) Upanishad
d) Bhagavad Gita

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