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How do most prokaryotes reproduce?
a) sexual reproduction
b) budding
c) binary fission
d) fragmentation

How is mitosis different from binary fission?
a) Mitosis is division of a cell's nucleus.
b) Mitosis is involved in sexual reproduction.
c) Four daughter cells form in mitosis.
d) The daughter cells formed by mitosis are genetically different from the parent cell.

How might asexual reproduction be an advantage to an organism that lives in a very small, widely scattered population?
a) Asexual reproduction is more energy efficient than sexual reproduction.
b) Both male and female offspring are produced by asexual reproduction.
c) The organism wouldn't need a nucleus.
d) The organism wouldn't have to spend time and energy finding a mate.

What term describes a form of reproduction that involves gametes?
a) sexual reproduction
b) fragmentation
c) vegetative reproduction
d) budding

Fishermen used to cut starfish into pieces and throw them back into the sea, but they found that a new starfish grew from each piece. What term describes this kind of reproduction?
a) budding
b) binary fission
c) vegetative reproduction
d) fragmentation

Which of the following is not a treatment for cancer?
a) radiation therapy
b) surgery
c) HeLa cells
d) chemotherapy

Durring this phase of mitosis, chrosomes condence and become visable.
a) M - Phase
b) Prophase
c) Metaphase
d) Telophase

Erythropoietin is a growth factor that is assosiated with what types of cells undergoing mitosis?
a) Liver cells
b) Skin cells
c) Blood cells
d) Neurons

Which of the following are internal factors that effect the regulation of the cell cycle?
a) Erythropoietin & Kinase
b) Kinase & Protease
c) Kinase & Cyclins
d) None of the above

The term malignant refers to a tumor that can be discribed as which of the following?
a) a benign tumor
b) a cancerous tumor
c) a tumor that cannot be treated
d) both a & b

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